She We Spoke of

K’Chumba Arap Of the tales spokenShe was a heroineOf our time and the futureTo be listened to when she spokeBut then who was she?She a daughter, daughter of our lowlandSired and raised in our years, years of the olden daysShe… Read More ›

Between Love and Abuse

James D. Casey IV kill the eyes inthe face of the skybeen smokingfar too long things meant for the soulsbuilt on cocaine bones lost with the wolfif it be your willskulls full of moonlightly dressed in smokeon your gentle tongue… Read More ›


Edward Lee Your beauty shatteredthe air in my lungs,leaving me speechless,forced to communicatewith my fingerson your pale skin;you answered me,your breath drawing deeply,repeatedly, with a song silently,endlessly sung. Edward Lee’s poetry, short stories, non-fiction and photography have been published in… Read More ›

Born To Shun

Andrew Paul Grell The amusement park no longer rises cold and stark. The kids had to find another place to huddle in the mist. Most of them, anyway. The third replenishment from the fourth inundation couldn’t find funding, not city,… Read More ›

My First Sole Little Letter Calling All

Paweł Markiewicz ringing so beauteously-muse-like and winged like eternally gentle pinion of a melancholic harp Dear valued mellow quaint readers-dreamers!             At 5.30 pm the meek time has come with the dream-full  inception, so that a new flimsy Sturm and… Read More ›

Sorrows In My Heart

Ogu Chukwuebuka Kizito That night I had awoken with a sad hollow feeling. That feeling that creeps into your soul and takes away any atom of joy in your life. It was in the middle of the night. It was… Read More ›

Summer evening

Cheryl Caesar Watermelon rind forgotten in the grass for the ants. Streetlights come on and shadows move behind shaded windows. Music from a car window far away and going somewhere. Spring is promise, but summer’s fullness holds the seeds of… Read More ›