Parallel Parking

Niles Reddick Rose didn’t like parallel parking. Rear view and side mirrors on her Ford Focus weren’t a realistic perspective. She wondered how objects could be closer than they appear, scraped aluminum wheels and shaved rubber from the curb, and… Read More ›

The Long Summer

George Keyes The town across the Joaquin Valley of California is under the fog of the night before and the tiny crystal drops are all over the leaves. It is a nice morning. Not later than four o’clock when the… Read More ›

Medieval Castle

Brandon Marlon We roam corridors, chambers, caracoles, grand halls,mindful of creaking floorboards, touching the targes,drawn to the burnished armature donned by paladinsof yesteryear, gaping aslant at the ornate paramentadorning the wall, puzzling over its unfamiliar glyphsin the hope of discerning some… Read More ›

That M.F.’er Was Right Here

Todd Mercer Good luck stopping lookingfor the absurdly misplaced itemthat couldn’t have been lost at allin this small space, in this time window.Since there’s nowhere it could bebut in plain sight, within a few feet,I’ll continue the search operation,the incessant… Read More ›

Summer Reveille & Fall Skimming

Cheryl Caesar Summer Reveille The cool clean birdsongsluices my brain; cool watercalls to hands and face. Fall skimming Summer is over when we close the pool.A two-day, four-hand job.I lean from the deck, the heavy poleswirling the leaf mosaics, green… Read More ›

A Poem is a Conversation

John C. Mannone with itself, and the readeris listening. Not just to words,but to their music that intonesthe purpose of life. More than a prayer or proverb,more than social commentary,more than life, or love, oranything abstract rewordedto be clear as… Read More ›


Brandon Marlon It is that minimal sustenance,growing wild in the clefts of rocks,encouraging survival despite all,a guardrail keeping us from the gorge.Fused with confidence it becomes faith,a trusting and wizened belief,like a cliff-side fortress overhanging a chasm,sheltering those reverential and… Read More ›

To Sing With Joy

Luisa Kay Reyes Lorelei stifled her deep-throated cough as best as she could but it cruelly escaped from her, even so. Leading to all of the choir members staring at her with a mixture of both shock and disdain. For… Read More ›


John Tavares On their first date, in a cafeteria in the campus commons, Pierre told Bronwyn he lived an unusual life. He worked at an unorthodox job, a saw filer in a lumber sawmill, until the time he went to… Read More ›

Coffeehouse Romance

David Esringel I see you,alone,reading Raymond Carverat a table for two.Straight, black hair—lightly greased—falling in your face.You brush it away,saving a pagewith your right thumb,I noticethe smoothnessof your hands,the fullnessof your fingers.Your eyesare lost in ugly life–I think they are… Read More ›