Les Wicks  There was so much music about,I couldn’t get your songs, my ownwere a chaos. We carefullydidn’t throw in everything.You were the first woman to live with me(though it was initially in a tent).We had no money & my… Read More ›

Unveiled Skies

Bobbi Sinha-Morey A year ago hope felt likesuch a pale word til I’d seenthe path of a red-breastedcotinga lead me away toa brighter world: unveiledskies glowing violet beyondthe setting sun, patchworkfields below as if God hadintervened and my hearttightened hardly… Read More ›

The Gruesome Night

Sonali Chanda The thin moon was keeling through the bamboo hills,an ominous breeze was blowing ,just behind their tent,where a small stream was flowing in its rhythm,with its roar…! Ankush was lying inside the tent, listening music on his earplug,… Read More ›

Still Smoking

Patricia Walsh Cheeky without reason, siphoning the necessaryWithout fear of repayment, advantage taken.Sifting through merchandise a fruitless effortStaying alone through contacts a given. Working ways through the difficult hoursCheers and gallops punctuate the nightNo way to be for a teenager… Read More ›


It was a summer afternoon, on Sunday. Jane was not in a good mood. It seemed that she is half awake and half dead unlike what was expected of her on this fine occasion. She was trying to recollect something…. Read More ›

The Matinee

Ann Hultberg “You kids be good and listen to your sister,” yelled Mom as we piled out of the Camp Mobile on a wintery Saturday afternoon. Christmas was but two weeks away and we four siblings were running into the… Read More ›


Miki Lentin Fatima stood perfectly still by the front door, breathing, but not noticeably, as if the stuffing had been sucked out of her. She squeezed her arms into her chest. Her headscarf, wrapped tight in layers and folds around… Read More ›