Anthony Wolf ‘Shut up, mom’, Isaac Moore shouted, his fast steps echoing through the halls of the house. The kind voice of a lady answered from the walls. ‘You know […]

Another Brick Falls

The Wonderer You hang on to the last ray of hope, thinking your dream would come true. You hang on it, telling yourself it is a reality just to keep going on. You think you are able to build the dream but then you put the last brick on the […]


Casey Austin Williams ordained by the above               whatever they may bevividstriking              disquieting              & truethese heavenly beings determine not fate but forma future only granted upon forsaking the divine ascendancycrafting one’s owndeciding on […]

Mixed Bag

Gopal Lahiri 1. in your palmall your promiseslay like toys. 2. I am always laston the late last list, Receiving your smile like passing showers. 3. shadows are all theresummer in your swollen eyesnights thin to a veil. 4. gone the Simul treethe fragrance, the medieval soundmissing your verses. 5. […]


Casey Austin Williams  perfectly tailored top hattails and allclick clack click clackshoes shinedand buckles claspedclick clack click clacka measured stepand graceful gaitclick clack click clackshining tiles and dripping waxvelvet drapes and creaking eavesclick clack click clacktepid teaa roaring fireclick clack click clackweathered chairand feigned repose. Casey Austin Williams is an […]

the dancers

John Homan  Setting sun glows warmly on the stone facades.Gypsy jazz floats from the stage.A city street blocked off and filled with people. Brave couples swirl on the dance floor in front of the stage,laughing kids run between them.To the left of the stage is a tall slender man. He […]

Let’s start breaking

Michael Akuchie at the close of day    i carry the sun home    its light calls my body friend  i walk to my sleep    pile of ruins glowing i scream in silence hugging a beer can’s soul    digging in its guts for comfort i host two cities […]