Make up Dos and Donts

Curated by Esra’ AlNaggar “Every women should look beautiful that is what I strongly believe and that is what made me start my make up journey three years ago. As a child, I was fascinated by art and make- up… Read More ›

How to Unleash Your Potentials

Esra’ AlNaggar In an interview with The Elixir, Najwa Noman – through her knowledge and skills – shares with us some secrets to unleashing one’s potential and connecting to his/her better self. Najwa Noman is a Certified Life Coach going… Read More ›

At The Eleventh Hour

Maryam Qureshi He snoozed off the annoying alarm just to have a ten minutes nap. Every morning it would be difficult for him to get himself ready for his office until the eleventh hour. No matter what day, month or… Read More ›

Once Upon a Taurus

Esra’ AlNaggar Element: EarthPlanet: Venus Quality: FixedColor: GreenGreatest Compatibility:Period Range: April 20 – May 21 They make good finance managers and have an eye for everything that is beautiful. The bull with all its force, though slow;  does not stop… Read More ›