R. Bremner’s Ektomorphic

Review by Richard Paul R. Bremner’s Ektomorphic, a chapbook of 23 ekphrastic poems, takes us from a brutal civil war to a sculpture garden, to sun showers, Edward Hopper, and Hieronymus Bosch. The forms range from formal to Surrealistic to… Read More ›

Review of David Estringel’s Indelible Fingerprints

Reviewed by Maryam Qureshi, Adviser & Columnist at The Elixir Magazine Title: Indelible Fingerprints Author: David Estringel Published by Alien Buddha Press, April 2019.  ISBN: 978-1091941311 Page: 111 Price: $10.36 (USD)  Indelible Fingerprints by David Estringel is an incredible work of poetry (free-verse and haiku) and short stories. The book contains all the scenes, wordy sounds, and images that could grasp a reader’s attention… Read More ›

Rituals By Kiriti Sengupta

Review by David A. Estringel, Poetry Editor at Fishbowl Press Kiriti Sengupta’s Rituals offers an intriguing glimpse into the concept of ‘ritual’; however, one cannot help but feel as they flip the pages that there is deeper meaning to be… Read More ›

Red snow by will deans

Review by Tabitha Potts I’m a sucker for crime stories set in wintry landscapes, and have snowplowed my way through so many Scandi noir crime tales that I sometimes fear I will run out of new ones to read. I… Read More ›