Christopher Moore The apples are still standing. I had a feeling my eyes would be drawn to them first, and sure enough, the moment I first walk through the gates, they are.  One of them, a brilliant red, eaten through… Read More ›

No Makeup – No Love

Daria Kiehne When I was nine years old, my mom allowed me to wear eyeliner for my First Communion. That’s the first time I remember wearing make up to look prettier. Not to dress up for Halloween or to portray… Read More ›


Elizabeth Bruce “One dollar. Ice cold water, right here.” A young black man wove between the cars hovering at the intersection of North Capital Street and New York Avenue in the nation’s capital. Jack watched the sweat roll down the… Read More ›

The Gentleman’s Way

Barnaby Hazen The eight-hour trip was not to be taken for granted at Pyotr’s age. He stopped the horses twice—once in Peshki, then in Khiki—stretching his legs, snacking on balyk for lunch. Entering the city, crisp orange maple leaves crackled… Read More ›

R. Bremner’s Ektomorphic

Review by Richard Paul R. Bremner’s Ektomorphic, a chapbook of 23 ekphrastic poems, takes us from a brutal civil war to a sculpture garden, to sun showers, Edward Hopper, and Hieronymus Bosch. The forms range from formal to Surrealistic to… Read More ›