30 Q with Nora Zabarah Pucci

Nora Zabarah Pucci is an Ottawa U. MBA Graduate and a mother of two, Vinny & Sofia. She always had a desire for fine fabrics, texture, beads and anything created by hand. Her gowns reflect her sense of style and love of beauty. Nora has… Read More ›

Rituals By Kiriti Sengupta

Review by David A. Estringel, Poetry Editor at Fishbowl Press Kiriti Sengupta’s Rituals offers an intriguing glimpse into the concept of ‘ritual’; however, one cannot help but feel as they flip the pages that there is deeper meaning to be… Read More ›

How to Unleash Your Potentials

Esra’ AlNaggar In an interview with The Elixir, Najwa Noman – through her knowledge and skills – shares with us some secrets to unleashing one’s potential and connecting to his/her better self. Najwa Noman is a Certified Life Coach going… Read More ›

At The Eleventh Hour

Maryam Qureshi He snoozed off the annoying alarm just to have a ten minutes nap. Every morning it would be difficult for him to get himself ready for his office until the eleventh hour. No matter what day, month or… Read More ›

Yemeni Aspiring Authors

Curated by Esra’ AlNaggar Yemen has given birth to some of the most extinguished writers of the modern time. Those writers have succeeded in both acquiring and reciprocating the power that lies behind the written word. In this piece we… Read More ›

A New Life

Hibah Shabkhez “The Science agenda for the month states,” Mrs Hassan frowned at the circular. “That you have to teach Plants, Magnets and Electricity. You barely finished Plants.” “Well, you see, they were interested in photosynthesis, so –” “The English… Read More ›