A Mother Speaks to her Eldest

I wish I could tell you what it is I feel,remembering youas a little boy, gathering sheep,Lassie, ‘Come here,’your soulmate,mother, when I was absent. I wish I could tell you the love in my heart when you soldstones, played with my jewellery,‘rings have power,’ the lawn sparkled. That time in […]


carve each and every feature esteem all frailty sculpt your very essence imprint being to preserve and protect smooth unmarked touchinauthentically real a masqueradercraft what cannot be make it mineemulate desireenact falsehood construct dreams, endearing revels in folly Casey Austin Williams is an aspiring writer who is currently pursuing her […]

Poem about Prometheus

the fire is for You a beloved magic which You are easy able to give to the people like gold the love of the people is an overjoyed day-dreaming dear Titan You like the people against Zeus deeply the human-being made from tears and clay is admiring You the eternal […]