Dragging the River

Knowing the truth of it, he marvelsat the red grape’s resiliency,how it contains itself even aftera fall. What matters, what doesn’t.Those simplistic thoughtsdissipating in the coffee’s sadswirl. And what they wanted,truly wanted, even more thanthat first plunge of lips to… Read More ›

I am Womb

I, not a goddess, nor am I a repressed perfect mother, forfeited, warm, cold for your perception, command. I am at the helm of myself now, my clay steers this ship, my love a sand drift, millions of grains, heart… Read More ›

The Bee in the Calyx

there was a tendermuse-like moment of charm such an Apollonian tearwhen the cute bee set down on a noble rosein the kind calyx of the bloom full dreamy splendor the gentle sun smiled at that time at it fairy-likeoh a… Read More ›

Haiku Collection by David Estringel

“Angels in the Morning”As you lay sleeping,pale shadows yawn and stretch o’er me to kiss your shoulder. * “As I Wake” The alarm clock rings. You hit snooze, suspending time, holding me longer. * “Epiphanies” White bolts from above Rain cuts on kitchen tables, releasing… Read More ›


carve each and every feature esteem all frailty sculpt your very essence imprint being to preserve and protect smooth unmarked touchinauthentically real a masqueradercraft what cannot be make it mineemulate desireenact falsehood construct dreams, endearing revels in folly Casey Austin… Read More ›

Poem about Prometheus

the fire is for You a beloved magic which You are easy able to give to the people like gold the love of the people is an overjoyed day-dreaming dear Titan You like the people against Zeus deeply the human-being… Read More ›