Kara Goughnour is a queer writer and documentarian living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the 2018 winner of the Gerald Stern Poetry Award and has work published or forthcoming in Third Point Press, Riggwelter Journal, The Southampton Review, and others. Follow her on Twitter @kara_goughnour or read her collected and […]

Dragging the River

Knowing the truth of it, he marvelsat the red grape’s resiliency,how it contains itself even aftera fall. What matters, what doesn’t.Those simplistic thoughtsdissipating in the coffee’s sadswirl. And what they wanted,truly wanted, even more thanthat first plunge of lips to privateflesh or the forbidden highlightsin the book of dreams never […]

I am Womb

I, not a goddess, nor am I a repressed perfect mother, forfeited, warm, cold for your perception, command. I am at the helm of myself now, my clay steers this ship, my love a sand drift, millions of grains, heart a cavernous wave. I swallow the ebb, flow of myself. […]

The Bee in the Calyx

there was a tendermuse-like moment of charm such an Apollonian tearwhen the cute bee set down on a noble rosein the kind calyx of the bloom full dreamy splendor the gentle sun smiled at that time at it fairy-likeoh a sweet morning gracefulness of raysthe owl stayed with the courage […]