It’s twilight,shine hanging on when it can,dark moving in with all the privileges of night. I’m sitting on my porch when I see them,a doe and her fawnat the far end of the yard,nibbling on grass and weeds,at the very edge of tree shadow The doe looks in my direction.She’s […]


Leela Soma She switched the light on. The darkness of the night that had enveloped the room was now in a soft glow. Four am, a few hours before the […]

Shoreline Of Infinity

Youngest daughter’s baby burning up, during fiddling with old plus kaput thermometers when it would cost nearly nada for almost sci-fi high-tech new ones, first son’s ornery streak is determined I should emulatemy Surgeon Father may he rest in peace by trucking down into town to seek instead what turned […]

Just Another Man

My sown grass is wilting before eyes.The window is blamelessany gasp is a guilty pleaI deserve every punishmentthat scowling sun may deliver. Several women I’ve loved are on the jury.They have met, a verdict is imminent& all my hopes are struck from the record as perjury. This humidity will kill […]

Bone Density

Bone Density I am becoming boredwith my pedestrian psychiatric disorders.They are intellectual bunions,a mild arthritis of the mind& common as life. A dollar-store desperadomost of my circumstancesare comfortable & tedious,approaching bleak borders of normality. I will change nothingthough I dream of the greater madnesses…the hollow bones of a bird,to be […]