It’s twilight,shine hanging on when it can,dark moving in with all the privileges of night. I’m sitting on my porch when I see them,a doe and her fawnat the far end of the yard,nibbling on grass and weeds,at the very… Read More ›


Leela Soma She switched the light on. The darkness of the night that had enveloped the room was now in a soft glow. Four am, a few hours before the sun rises. The world will awaken to a new day…. Read More ›

Postpartum Happy

Mileva Anastasiadou What to do with time:You can sleep your time away. Only if obligations permit, only if you’re not the mother of a newborn.Hubby wakes up at the first suspicion of sound lately. What now? I ask, half awake,… Read More ›

Shoreline Of Infinity

Youngest daughter’s baby burning up, during fiddling with old plus kaput thermometers when it would cost nearly nada for almost sci-fi high-tech new ones, first son’s ornery streak is determined I should emulatemy Surgeon Father may he rest in peace… Read More ›

Just Another Man

My sown grass is wilting before eyes.The window is blamelessany gasp is a guilty pleaI deserve every punishmentthat scowling sun may deliver. Several women I’ve loved are on the jury.They have met, a verdict is imminent& all my hopes are… Read More ›

The Unheard Melodies

Maryam Qureshi Heard Melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. John Keats New experiences, new challenges, strange thoughts and sometimes an interaction with a stranger goes a long way into your life. These are the things that we should… Read More ›

Bone Density

Bone Density I am becoming boredwith my pedestrian psychiatric disorders.They are intellectual bunions,a mild arthritis of the mind& common as life. A dollar-store desperadomost of my circumstancesare comfortable & tedious,approaching bleak borders of normality. I will change nothingthough I dream… Read More ›

Sing Me a River

Steve Carr Pa had worn that old gray coat until it was almost nothing but a rag that hung on his big frame. It smelled of rancid venison, catfish and gasoline but Pa didn’t mind any. He wore it almost… Read More ›


Kara Goughnour is a queer writer and documentarian living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the 2018 winner of the Gerald Stern Poetry Award and has work published or forthcoming in Third Point Press, Riggwelter Journal, The Southampton Review, and others…. Read More ›

Messages from 1986

Alicia Aitken ‘Susan woz ‘ere ’86 Xx’ is drawn in faded green marker across the naked wall. The summer of 1986 mum let us have a small party before the lounge was redecorated. It was a big deal; the lounge… Read More ›