I heard, today, that you died  nine years ago.   My friend wasn’t sure—  said he heard whispers–  so he asked for your last name,  but I couldn’t remember  no matter how hard I tried.  Going down the list  in my mind, yours was the only one—  a blank space  where my heart […]

The Manifesto

Attention: This manifesto has in itself a magic power and it can finally refute the communist manifesto (1847/48) and its successors in the form of communist states. It burns a peaceful campfire! I am part of the pink eternity. I enchant the poetic stars. I dream with ghosts of melancholy. […]

The Dynamics of Cigarettes

The poet in his boots is a filter tipped cigarette,waiting to be lit up. Don’t get us wrong:nothing is literal,not even craving. When he recites, the word is enough fire forthose who see the gloom, enough light to watch thedormant tobacco flare up, only to drown in his river of […]

In this Shack A Cold Wind Blows

In this shack a cold wind blows,shuffling papers and ideas before settling on the floor. Leaves rustling. Tea, cooling. You recall the peace of near death, fear circling the drain, giving in to breath, labored but certain, one exiting another and again, then laughing at the improbability: you are nothing. […]


I thinkof William Carlos Williamshis oval, clean-shaven headthe way it appeared on the cover of one of his booksHe was from Paterson, New Jerseywhere I grew up There was a low bridgethat I jumped fromand a bogI fell intotrying to cross on a log I was with a few friends […]

The Work Day Goes On

Thoughts do their bestto exorcise and transformthis dull work daybut I fear they just can’t do enough.I can’t bear it alone.Though I’m with people,the solitude is unbearable.The deeper the love,the darker the absence, is my credo. The clock ticks so slowly.Time, not content with beingconcrete and accurate,must indulge itselfin something […]