Kim Allen She’s alone, sat by the windswept hawthorn that crouches on the north facing fence line. A spot chosen with care; sheltered but not hidden with nowhere for predators to hide. At any other time of year I’d think she… Read More ›

A day in a writer’s life

Suhail AlHamady He wakes up in an unordinary fashion; he has a poem, waiting anxiously to kiss that gold-egg-laying goose that hides behind the pieces of the stranded hairs on his forehead.  Words align in two parallel lines on top… Read More ›


David Estringel Sitting and lazily swiveling in my broken leatherette desk chair, I looked around my office, searching its contents for some sense of purpose for being there, but much to no avail.  Brown bookcases lined the walls, squeezed tightly together in uniform fashion. The… Read More ›