30Q with Sara Ishaq

Sara Ishaq is an Oscar and BAFTA nominated Yemeni-Scottish filmmaker, born in Scotland and raised in Yemen. She pursued a higher education in Scotland first with an MA General in Humanities & Social Sciences (with a focus on Politics, Religion & International… Read More ›

like any other day

Anthony Wolf I roll. I see light in my right eye– Left eye. Or was it right? Mommy tells the difference every day but it’s so hard to remember. I can ask her again today. So, where am I? Mommy… Read More ›

Noura & Henna: A Love story of another kind

Esra’ AlNaggar The image of the Yemeni Bride is that of a mixture between East and West, tradition and modernity, simplicity and extravagance. She makes her grand entrance into the wedding hall looking like a Disney Princess in her white dress, delicate veil, and shimmering tiara. Her Henna-covered hands and feet, however, tell a total different story, one of an Arabian princess.  … Read More ›

Only Matter exists

Maryam Qureshi Boldly speaking, the current age is the age of materialism. Unfortunately, we are living a moribund life behind the icy and golden bars of the cage that is the modern era. The era of technological upheaval has robbed… Read More ›

Sorry Mama!

Suhail AlHamady I sit here, now, knowing I can’t escape through these soulless, machine -like, armored windows. There is one behind my back, completely open; it seems like it has a rebellious spirit, the William Wallas of windows! All I… Read More ›

A Dog’s Life for me

David Estringel I look at my dachshund with his black and tan fur, shimmering in the noon sun, run about the backyard in his typical devil-may-care fashion. He stops to sniff errant blades of grass with a sense of immediacy and… Read More ›

Red snow by will deans

Review by Tabitha Potts I’m a sucker for crime stories set in wintry landscapes, and have snowplowed my way through so many Scandi noir crime tales that I sometimes fear I will run out of new ones to read. I… Read More ›

Unemployment struggles

Sara Al-Mahbshi This article is not scientific and does not explain the macroeconomics of unemployment. This is merely a heart-to-heart experience that I hope would help people struggling with unemployment or those who know unemployed people. It is worth mentioning… Read More ›