30 Q

30 Q With Ahmed Baider

Ahmed Baider – a Yemeni Award Winning Journalist Producer and a nominee for several Awards including Fighting Famine Awards,EMMY Awards and Amnesty Awards – answers The Elixir’s 30 Questions. Who is Ahmed Baider? An Award-wining journalist producer and nominee for… Read More ›

30 Q with Nora Zabarah Pucci

Nora Zabarah Pucci is an Ottawa U. MBA Graduate and a mother of two, Vinny & Sofia. She always had a desire for fine fabrics, texture, beads and anything created by hand. Her gowns reflect her sense of style and love of beauty. Nora has… Read More ›

30Q with Sara Ishaq

Sara Ishaq is an Oscar and BAFTA nominated Yemeni-Scottish filmmaker, born in Scotland and raised in Yemen. She pursued a higher education in Scotland first with an MA General in Humanities & Social Sciences (with a focus on Politics, Religion & International… Read More ›

30Q with Marwa Haider

Marwa Haider is a Yemeni- Estonian make-up artist, model and the ambassador of Urban Decay. She left Aden, Yemen a couple of years ago and is now settled in , Tallinn, Estonia. Despite her tight schedule, Marwa spared some time… Read More ›

30 Q with Nawal AlMaghafi

Award winning BBC Special Correspondent Nawal Al-Maghafi has been reporting on the Middle East since 2012. Over the past three years, she has been one of the few journalists conducting firsthand reporting of the ongoing conflict in Yemen; travelling extensively… Read More ›