Let’s talk about yesterday If that makes you okay Though I have triedBefore this place, I still see That with you, Is my real space I stand and fall more than the years of my lived ageYet, you, as usual the perfect choice as my salvage Its unfair how you […]

Untitled Truth

Ohh my how the waves of life crash sound and soundAnd little by little my voice is goneGone in the windGone in the midstGone in my sinTruth being where did I begin in all of this ?And where do I end in all of this ?Fighting for a place in […]


fired oak among musty thicketsbaltic birch caulked with resingel stained lacquer settles upon the heartwood the health sputtersembers – snap and smoulderlogs ablaze amongst crumpled papers wicks are lightednew scents mask the olda rusted metal screw sends corks flying stillness sets inpages turn, rustled by the windcrisp, aromatic, ascetic  


A nymph, with no beginning, known, only in the voice of others.Eve, our mothersleeps subservient,in the womb of Adams rib.Lilith, waits for rebirth.I wait also.Persephone, slips through the portal,spring flowers take herto root, arms of Hades,dark god of redemption.Cassandra, kissed by Apollo,gifted, cursed, silenced;Psyche, trawls river beds,reeds, caves. Her task,to […]