30Q with Marwa Haider

Marwa Haider is a Yemeni- Estonian make-up artist, model and the ambassador of Urban Decay. She left Aden, Yemen a couple of years ago and is now settled in , Tallinn, Estonia. Despite her tight schedule, Marwa spared some time… Read More ›

When in old Sana’a

Suhail AlHammady Having been bestowed with the gift of being wrapped in a dark skin, it was obvious that the “norms” crippling-down the corners of our society would abort the seed of love between the two of us. Fair can… Read More ›


David Estringel Two months ago, I was told via voicemail that my mother was going to have emergency brain surgery. Wednesday night’s social work class—the first one of the semester—had just wrapped-up and, after the last of my students exited… Read More ›

Me, myself & the kids

Deena AlNaggar I have decided to write a column in the Elixir magazine. May Allah help them! The title? I have been thinking of ‘Me, Myself & the Kids!” and for a good reason.  The moment you say, ‘Junior-section Teacher,’ people picture a… Read More ›


David Estringel Sundays are the days I go the ocean and make my offerings to Olokun, African deity of the ocean depths—the bringer of good things to those who walk the earth.  Prosperity, children, wealth, and strength—inside and out–we are… Read More ›

Advice is a choral voice

Maryam Qureshi While pursuing my major in English Literature I came across the terminology ‘choral voice’, the voice that acts like a critic, a warning, a voice of accountability, behaving like a torchbearer and a future seer that is criticizing… Read More ›

Code of Patriotism

Suhail AlHammady “When one is caught in an ordeal, he must seek the company of a smile”. In the midst of one of the worst humanitarian crises in the history of the world, local individuals try to make mark to… Read More ›