When in old Sana’a

Suhail AlHammady Having been bestowed with the gift of being wrapped in a dark skin, it was obvious that the “norms” crippling-down the corners of our society would abort the […]


David Estringel Two months ago, I was told via voicemail that my mother was going to have emergency brain surgery. Wednesday night’s social work class—the first one of the semester—had […]

Me, myself & the kids

Deena AlNaggar I have decided to write a column in the Elixir magazine. May Allah help them! The title? I have been thinking of ‘Me, Myself & the Kids!” and for a good reason.  The moment you say, ‘Junior-section Teacher,’ people picture a very organised, no-nonsense, grim person, who mostly dresses in dark colours and wears glasses. They are always buried […]


David Estringel Sundays are the days I go the ocean and make my offerings to Olokun, African deity of the ocean depths—the bringer of good things to those who walk […]

Advice is a choral voice

Maryam Qureshi While pursuing my major in English Literature I came across the terminology ‘choral voice’, the voice that acts like a critic, a warning, a voice of accountability, behaving […]