30 Q with Nawal AlMaghafi

Award winning BBC Special Correspondent Nawal Al-Maghafi has been reporting on the Middle East since 2012. Over the past three years, she has been one of the few journalists conducting firsthand reporting of the ongoing conflict in Yemen; travelling extensively… Read More ›

Once Upon a Star

 Esra’ Al-Naggar I am not one of those who ultimately believe that all people belonging to, say Gemini horoscope should act and dress the same. That all should have the same strengths and weaknesses, the same preferences, desires and fears…. Read More ›

Aroma is in the Air!

Esra’ AlNaggar  The world’s first coffee was planted, cultivated, and brewed in Yemen over 500 years ago. The words “mocha” and “mochaccino” that we often find on today’s coffeehouse menus are derived from the name, Al-Mokha, a port-city located in… Read More ›


Tabitha Potts The pebbles crunched beneath her feet. She was walking below the dunes, close to the sea’s edge. Seaweed lay around, flung into position by the advancing waves. Over towards the horizon she could see the revolving arms of… Read More ›