Define Quarantine!

I run from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram but the red flags keep reappearing. Face Masks. Gloves. Corona. Quarantine. And finally Hanta.  The world is haunted with fear. The entire world is in quarantine. But Yemenis are still roaming the… Read More ›

A Queen for 48 Hours

Ann Hultberg “Honey child! Grab yourself an RC Cola and straw and wet your whistle,” perked up my grandma as I flew through the front door of her apartment, eager to spend the weekend. Calling me honey child, her pet… Read More ›

All The Difference

Maryam Qureshi Whenever I read Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”, I just feel it to be highly relevant and relatable to the situation that we often come across with while making a difficult decision or approaching to a different… Read More ›

Tomato Soup

Recipe by Sedra Ameri 10 Tomatoes 2 garlic 1 Chilie Pepper 1/4 cup of Olive Oil 1 Table Spoon of Salt 1 Table Spoon of Pepper 1 Table Spoon of Butter 1 Table Spoon of flour Preheat oven On a… Read More ›


David Estringel Green is the taste of bitter rind that lingers on your fingertips,cutting through the sweetness of icebox orange smilesbursting on my tongue, lovingly fed,conjuring the salty sting of solitude’s imminence,as if a shade. How dreaded the tic-toc of… Read More ›

The Audition

Gary Beck “Next,” the stage manager called. I looked around to be sure it was my turn, and she repeated impatiently: “Next.” I took a deep breath, put on my combat face, stood up and walked to center stage, struggling… Read More ›