Raking leaves

Cheryl Caesar Raking leaves is an exercise in the good-enough. You will never get them all. You come to prizethe strong, steady stroke of the rake,the appropriate armful that you liftinto the waiting wheelbarrow. The maple leaves which from a… Read More ›

And the Beat Goes On

David Estringel Dropping from the air upon ears like paper blotters on willing tongues,raging at the bloodlessness of cardboard cutouts against a shrinking sky,through psychedelic lenseslet me seeeee, let me beeeee the pulse of silent ragethat rails against the vulgar… Read More ›

General Relativity

John C. Mannone At breakfast, I read aboutThe Nobel Prize in PhysicsHow Einstein had it all right. Universe of space and timeIs not flat like some thoughtBut curved because gravityIs not a force, but a geometryEffect—mass deformingA flat sheet of… Read More ›

Home and Dry

Bruce Meyer If it was raining everywhere, a person would be concentrating on swimming or finding something to hold onto. They would not be thinking of dust. But inside each raindrop, he told Sophia when she was only five, there… Read More ›


George Keyes One morning about seven o’clock, my mother, Marsha Steinberg, has asked me to be part of Roslyn’s group to clean up the last snow at the church courtyard, and I refused. I saw my brother coming in through… Read More ›


Dan McKeithan Jacob left his briefcase on the counter and entered the living room. Marla sat on the couch with her hands on her head. She’d been crying again. She was stuck on this couch all day with nothing to… Read More ›


Tabitha Potts You practice twenty kicks against the punchbag, sweat pouring into your eyes. Teeps, the high kicks, up to twenty. Usually used to gauge distance, so you can follow up with a side kick or some other form of… Read More ›

Child of God

Angelo Lorenzo Filemon fears fireworks. On a cold December evening, he is crouching beneath the table in their one-storey home, a shanty in an impoverished neighborhood in the Philippines. He is waiting for his mother to return from the bakery…. Read More ›

Jimmy on the High Trestle

Todd Mercer It’s a school day, perfect weather.Between classes Jimmy (fifteen) wandersout of there. He takes a sabbaticalfrom fourth through sixth hour.Release time for scholarly pursuits,unexcused. He walks to the railroad trestle,crossing high over the river. Warm in April,after infinite… Read More ›


Edward Lee I was never sureof your age,somewhat fearful to ask,raised as I wasto never ask a lady such,though I was no longer a boywhen I knew you,yet some way from being a man. I now am the ageI imagine… Read More ›