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The Elixir

Coffeehouse Romance

David Esringel I see you,alone,reading Raymond Carverat a table for two.Straight, black hair—lightly greased—falling in your face.You brush it away,saving a pagewith your right thumb,I noticethe smoothnessof your hands,the fullnessof […]

Without shelter

Sunil Sharma Daily— Pigeons and crows Perch on the cable lines In the neighbourhood— The feathered citizens Rendered homeless By a cynical builder lobby, For the overpriced Skyscrapers named after […]

Mobile Psychosis

Patricia Walsh Finally, in a blank silence, leaving in a stalematehypocritically eating in an untitled way,shutting down production, burning recordsdying while clean, shouting the oddsa residual home failing even the […]

The Lost Years

Bruce Macrae In and around myself, gone adrift,AWOL to social norms and mores…I was perfecting human error, if asked,the little rebel without a get-out clause,the born loser bearing loss and […]