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  • Haiku Poetry : A Place Of Solace

    Maryam Qureshi When I read haiku for the first time in my life, I just fell for this form of poetry. Haiku is the brief but powerful and perhaps the most confined way of expressing your reaction about a natural… Read More ›

  • 30 Q With Ahmed Baider

    Ahmed Baider – a Yemeni Award Winning Journalist Producer and a nominee for several Awards including Fighting Famine Awards,EMMY Awards and Amnesty Awards – answers The Elixir’s 30 Questions. Who is Ahmed Baider? An Award-wining journalist producer and nominee for… Read More ›

  • Trying too hard to be happy is making us sad

    Carla Delgado There’s nothing wrong with feeling down, disappointed, or unsatisfied – we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s just a phase, and sometimes, it takes a little bit longer than that. Happiness is a universal goal, and everyone struggles with… Read More ›

  • The Happy Skin Cream Brings So Much Joy to Women’s Lives

    Esra’ AlNaggar How often did we as women search for home-made remedies to cure our chopped lips or fight hyper-pigmentation. Or to brighten those too dark circles that sleep heavily under our eyes, as if; intently exposing our lack of… Read More ›

  • To Sing With Joy

    Luisa Kay Reyes Lorelei stifled her deep-throated cough as best as she could but it cruelly escaped from her, even so. Leading to all of the choir members staring at her with a mixture of both shock and disdain. For… Read More ›


    John Tavares On their first date, in a cafeteria in the campus commons, Pierre told Bronwyn he lived an unusual life. He worked at an unorthodox job, a saw filer in a lumber sawmill, until the time he went to… Read More ›

  • Coffeehouse Romance

    David Esringel I see you,alone,reading Raymond Carverat a table for two.Straight, black hair—lightly greased—falling in your face.You brush it away,saving a pagewith your right thumb,I noticethe smoothnessof your hands,the fullnessof your fingers.Your eyesare lost in ugly life–I think they are… Read More ›

  • Without shelter

    Sunil Sharma Daily— Pigeons and crows Perch on the cable lines In the neighbourhood— The feathered citizens Rendered homeless By a cynical builder lobby, For the overpriced Skyscrapers named after birds. Sunil Sharma is a Mumbai-based senior academic, critic, literary editor… Read More ›

  • Mobile Psychosis

    Patricia Walsh Finally, in a blank silence, leaving in a stalematehypocritically eating in an untitled way,shutting down production, burning recordsdying while clean, shouting the oddsa residual home failing even the burning. Acknowledgement through annoyance, unheard silencebeing truthful to type, invading… Read More ›

  • The Lost Years

    Bruce Macrae In and around myself, gone adrift,AWOL to social norms and mores…I was perfecting human error, if asked,the little rebel without a get-out clause,the born loser bearing loss and the cost of it. Last millennia, at the turn of… Read More ›