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  • In Harbour

    Patricia Walsh Saying nothing unwitting, par for the courseTiming out relevant dossiers, opening doors.Rivers of plastic in a chokehold of sortsMaking lives easier in a myriad of procedures. Praying against envelopes, financial surprisesSuicidal aspirations go where none beforeBreathing in crucifixes… Read More ›

  • Summer Evening

    Cheryl Caesar Watermelon rind forgottenin the grass for the ants. Streetlights come onand shadows move behind shaded windows. Music from a car windowfar away and going somewhere. Spring is promise, but summer’s fullnessholds the seeds of its own dissolution. Like… Read More ›

  • The World Being What It Is

    Brandon Marlon How thin the membrane between no and yes,you’d never guess, without seeing the bigger picturein which we all feature, for better or worse;life wavers between blessing and curse,depending on moment or season,on whose life, relative comfort or strife…. Read More ›

  • Firefly

    Mandeep Kaur Heer In the dark nightsOf lifeTo search lightFireflies do notRun pillar to post For FirefliesThemselves areThe source of lightFireflies themselvesAre the host Fireflies tell usTo settle everyInner fightDarkness will thenBoard a flight We will ourselvesBecome shiny lightWe will… Read More ›

  • Autumn : The Festival Of Red Leaves

    Maryam Qureshi When the leaves change their colors in Autumn, they give a new meaning to the season of grey and gloom. Orange, red, yellow and violet leaves look like some flowers of a new kind of Spring. They attract… Read More ›

  • Poemlet about philosophy. The dreamy manifesto.

    Pawel Markiewicz It can convert red fire of the Spartacist Uprising into azure felicity of the philosophy in feline eyessomething hoary is enforcing an Egyptian glintas if a pharaoh wouldwork magic the ontologynature is able to conjureeffulgence of being in… Read More ›

  • Revelation

    Les Wicks This prophet is still waiting. I have smitten the whores & the beasts who frequent them.Despite the neglect of my templesstill you feed me narcotics.I am drowning in sugar. You think you are alive.I have torn your skulls.Finding… Read More ›

  • Hope

    Brandon Marlon It is that minimal sustenance,growing wild in the clefts of rocks,encouraging survival despite all,a guardrail keeping us from the gorge.Fused with confidence it becomes faith,a trusting and wizened belief,like a cliff-side fortress overhanging a chasm,sheltering those reverential and… Read More ›

  • A Lost Celebration

    Layal AlEryani When people ask me “what’s your favorite day of the year?”, I always reply “Halloween”- It’s not my birthday, nor a specific date that holds special memories- which is a bit odd coming from a girl of a… Read More ›

  • Of Lost Lands & Dying Rivers

    Humnah Farooqui He stands before a well. It is a vast crater in the ground, its dark water shallow, draining out. Rags and candy wrappers float on the surface. It a dying well, its worn condition suggesting disuse, but he… Read More ›