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  • Torrance

    Casey Austin Williams  perfectly tailored top hattails and allclick clack click clackshoes shinedand buckles claspedclick clack click clacka measured stepand graceful gaitclick clack click clackshining tiles and dripping waxvelvet drapes and creaking eavesclick clack click clacktepid teaa roaring fireclick clack… Read More ›

  • the dancers

    John Homan  Setting sun glows warmly on the stone facades.Gypsy jazz floats from the stage.A city street blocked off and filled with people. Brave couples swirl on the dance floor in front of the stage,laughing kids run between them.To the… Read More ›

  • Let’s start breaking

    Michael Akuchie at the close of day    i carry the sun home    its light calls my body friend  i walk to my sleep    pile of ruins glowing i scream in silence hugging a beer can’s soul   … Read More ›

  • Pen is mightier than swords

    Maryam Qureshi Living in a world afflicted with fire, the fire of destruction, I always ask myself that who is going to be the savior of this generation. Then like a ray of hope these words strike upon my mind,… Read More ›

  • Day One, Not one day

    Carla Delgado Most people treat the approach of the New Year as a chance to make some changes in their life. More often than not, you will hear people say they would change their ways or start something new when… Read More ›

  • Alienation

      Maryam Qureshi  Burning stoveWarmth gently comfortsThe snowy day SilenceCreeping up stealthily Surrounds everythingThe effect of long sleepCold lullabies Trees dreaming ofReconciliationOld companions Cocoon inIsolation  Earth and SkyWrapping up in the oneCase of mystic fog

  • Astronaut

    Carla Delgado  I feel as if I’m floating in spaceThe darkness surrounds me completelyI had no destination in mindWandering aimlessly among the rocks The darkness surrounds me completelyWhen I saw a star shining brightlyWandering aimlessly among the rocksBut the light… Read More ›

  • Spaces in between

    David Estringel  How clever I think I am,pulling words from the airlike rabbits from top hatsto set them ablaze,across pagesand ravage their pristine virginity.I bleed.I sweat.I shed tears upon reamsso you can feel what I canno longer.Here I amground down… Read More ›

  • Elham AlHitari: The war is in no one’s favor, but I chose to focus on the bright side

    “It was 7 years ago when I first started selling perfumes and Bkhoor. I’d sell it to my family,friends and those who visited. It was a small business with small profit. As you see, I am a disabled with only… Read More ›