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  • R. Bremner’s Ektomorphic

    Review by Richard Paul R. Bremner’s Ektomorphic, a chapbook of 23 ekphrastic poems, takes us from a brutal civil war to a sculpture garden, to sun showers, Edward Hopper, and Hieronymus Bosch. The forms range from formal to Surrealistic to… Read More ›

  • Benign or Malignant? : The Ineffable Doctor

    Casey Austin Williams Various iterations of the doctor in theatrical literature highlight the increasingly complex and contested role of the doctor within society and in the lives of their patients. Playwrights Ibsen and Chekhov depict the doctor in such a… Read More ›


    Andrew Paul Grell “Watch your step, it’s a very narrow alley with loose cobbles. You would not believe how far you are from an ambulance. Be aware of where you put your feet.” My—what? Guide? Conductor? Abductor? A tall entity… Read More ›

  • 3 Haiku by David Estringel

    “Contentment” Suck’n gin from ice cubes,clouds drift across pale azure.Crickets join the fun. “Pyre” Hungry flames that lick,devour this flesh that binds andlet my soul be free. “Solace #2” Words collapse on tongues–wicker baskets of water–without poetry. David Estringel is… Read More ›

  • Clark

    Kahlil Crawford fohawk stylings from punk queen Jane…she had Iggy Pop stories so I read trainspotting. scottish vernacular and swedish nationalism provoked an uprooting of Roots. my online shopping addiction and used art monographs suddenly became meaningless. my bible college… Read More ›


    John Grey Write a poem about nothing.No subject matter.Just a few words tossed togetherin your usual style.Like how sometimes you miss breakfastbut your stomach feels full anyhow.Or you sing along to the hymns in churchwithout knowing anyof the lines to… Read More ›

  • She We Spoke of

    K’Chumba Arap Of the tales spokenShe was a heroineOf our time and the futureTo be listened to when she spokeBut then who was she?She a daughter, daughter of our lowlandSired and raised in our years, years of the olden daysShe… Read More ›

  • Between Love and Abuse

    James D. Casey IV kill the eyes inthe face of the skybeen smokingfar too long things meant for the soulsbuilt on cocaine bones lost with the wolfif it be your willskulls full of moonlightly dressed in smokeon your gentle tongue… Read More ›

  • Passion

    Edward Lee Your beauty shatteredthe air in my lungs,leaving me speechless,forced to communicatewith my fingerson your pale skin;you answered me,your breath drawing deeply,repeatedly, with a song silently,endlessly sung. Edward Lee’s poetry, short stories, non-fiction and photography have been published in… Read More ›

  • In Search of Safe Haven, I Escaped It

    I prepared my luggage and headed to the station with my family. This time there was no going back. I had a very blurred, somehow defected image of the land I was born in (and to), yet a weird sensation… Read More ›