Review by Maryam Qureshi

Kerriann Macdonald’s book Good Enough : Based On True Events is a very well written story. It revolves around the main character, Lisa, a girl with a very sensitive mind and soul that withers at every harsh touch of the society around her. She longs for a soulmate that would love and nourish her soul like the touch of tender beams of spring sun.

When the plot of the story moves ahead we see a certain character development in Lisa. On one hand she behaves like a subtle introvert who would like to hide herself behind the icy bars of her skeptical mind and on the other hand we see her as a girl who wants to interact with her class fellows, likes to spend time with her best friends and might be longing for a partner who is ready to love her like her, ‘One and Only’.

Her interaction with the guy Tiegan Carpenter doesn’t appear to be a special interaction at first, but after a few meetings they seem to come in to close contact with each other. Lisa loves Tiegan with all her heart but she couldn’t help but suspect Tiegan’s loyalty for her. Apparently, they seem to be head over heels in love with each other but they also seem like the two parallel lines that would never meet in this world.

Through the book, we see Lisa fighting an internal battle. Her struggle is to keep herself alive and to acclimatize with the hopeless events and moribund atmosphere around her. As a suicide survivor, victim of the infidelity of her partner, she keeps on living her life as a warrior.

At last, her beautiful soul finds a perfect match for herself. She finds the guy Flynn. She explains her relationship with Flynn as,
‘Love with Flynn is Flynn supporting me through every milestone in my life, and bragging about my accomplishments to anyone and everyone, whether that be my family, friends, or work colleagues’.

Kerriann ends her story on a note of hope for all of us,
‘They are out there somewhere, your soulmate. Just you wait, because they will come when you least expect them, in the moment when you need them the most. After all, that’s how I found mine’.

Kerriann Macdonald is a resident of Massachusetts who works full time as a medical social worker. Good Enough is Kerriann’s second novel and was inspired by Karriann’s real life experiences being in an abusive relationship. In writing Good Enough, Karrianne is hoping to provide education and outreach about the effects of emotional abuse. She hopes that her story resonates with others, and wants readers to be aware that if they are also a survivor of abuse, they are not alone.


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