The Gruesome Night

Sonali Chanda

The thin moon was keeling through the bamboo hills,an ominous breeze was blowing ,just behind their tent,where a small stream was flowing in its rhythm,with its roar…!

Ankush was lying inside the tent, listening music on his earplug, watching the rippling waters in the sun down light.

Banani,Veenita and Sir Joseph were sitting aside ,over a small hill top,enjoying the moon beamed waters.   

They all came for a jungle trek,as they were adventure trekkers.The sky was almost clearwith all stars in the silhoutte.All of a sudden, Veenita heard a eerie sound,growling and approaching  towards them.She knocked Sir Joseph,as soon as she heard it again….”Sir,Sir, did you follow any mysterious sound,right now?”

Sir Joseph suddenly stopped her and cautiously tried to listen whether it might sound again.     They three startled suddenly,hearing the mysterious sound,as if it wss approaching towards them,they felt.    “Don’t make any sound,don’t move…Veeni…Banani! Let me check,what it is! This place is absolutely isolated,you know!”Sir Joseph was very much cautious.  “What do you think ,sir? What it may be…..?”asked Banani,with completely choaked up voice.”Again,Sir,again!Did you follow?”asked Veenita,she seemed to become nervous,biting her nails,in panic.           

Down from the hill-top,  they noticed a giant shadow,approaching towards the stream.All three,murmured …”Anku..ushh!”    “Ankush was there alone in the tent,Sir!”Banani choaked,while whispering.   The whooshing sounds amidst the wilderness turned them more pale,where only the Sals and Bambois were standing still,watching the reflection of the silvery light in the surfs.  As the shadow was approaching towards the whirls of the waves,slowly it was visible in the moon beam .   “Sloth…Sir,Adult Sloth!”Veenita whispered with all her breath,choaked.   “Shh..hh! don’t make any sound,they’re highly sensitive.He has come to fill his thurst,may be come for fishing. Hold your breath! Don’t make any sound,please”Sir Joseph instructed with a stedy murmur ,just as he used to ,in their campsite ,during adventure course.  They all followed the instructions of their Chief as they used to. Meanwhile,Sir Joseph headed towards the tent,without switching on his head-torch on tiptoe.           

Ankush was in his bed,as usual,not able to know,what wss happening outside.When Sir Joseph entered into the tent and put the lantern off, he got surprised-“what happened,sir?Why did you put the lantern off?” “Don’t make sound,Ankush!Get ready with your binocular as fast as’ll find something unexpected!” “What? where will we go,sir?”     “Least time is there to explaun you,right now,dear!Come on,hurry up,follow me ,silently!” They moved towards the hill top,where Vineeta and Banani were sitting,silently, busy in watching the Giant sloth ,drinking from the stream.   Ankush and Sir Joseph hiked along the wilderness to reach the hill-top.  In the sheathing silver light,they four experienced their most adventurous night, witnessing their fullest wonder!

Sonali Chanda is an eminent writer and author. Born in Suburban KOLKATA,she completed her postgraduation from Burdwan University. Her recent Travelogue is on the way to publish,where she showcased the most sensitive areas in Ladakh and Kashmir. Her writings resemble the current issues and different topics of burning issues in the country and the social malices..!!

One thought

  1. narrative is engaging , and the scenic night , the sloth , the treking experience make it a lovely story .

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