Define Quarantine!

I run from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram but the red flags keep reappearing. Face Masks. Gloves. Corona. Quarantine. And finally Hanta

The world is haunted with fear. The entire world is in quarantine.

But Yemenis are still roaming the city, chilling at Qat Markets! Please, do forgive the ignorance of my people, but didn’t you know that they have survived Dengue Fever, Malaria, Cholera, Famine and Saudi-led Air Strikes and for five years

No you would not know.

For we were never on the media. It was seen best to leave Yemen and its people in the shadows. Putting the war on Yemen with all the dark consequences it bore, out in the open; supported no one’s agenda. So my country was left unheard, unseen… and for five years; and counting.  We feel sorry for Chinese people, they did not deserve all the racism, but we too, did not deserve to walk with our blue passports, hidden behind our backs; hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe this time we’ll make it through. 

It is about time the world understood, we are not infected; just war- positive.

Stay safe and indoors!
Esra’ AlNaggar

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