That M.F.’er Was Right Here

Todd Mercer

Good luck stopping looking
for the absurdly misplaced item
that couldn’t have been lost at all
in this small space, in this time window.
Since there’s nowhere it could be
but in plain sight, within a few feet,
I’ll continue the search operation,
the incessant re-checking
in couch crevices. The ice box,
not that I would ever put it there.
Logic and Physics insist
the missing Maguffin is here
and it’s find-able. I’ve not
been outside, no one’s dropped by
since it threw me in a distracted loop.
No personnel shifts since it
was beamed out, or turned invisible,
never again to be seen. A memory.
Wishing myself lots of luck
with leaving off this repetitious search
for an object with will enough to want
freedom from human commands.

Todd Mercer was nominated for Best of the Net by in 2018. Mercer won the Kent County Dyer-Ives Poetry Prizes and the won Grand Rapids Festival Flash Fiction Prize. Recent work appears in: Down in the Dirt, The Lake, Praxis and Star 82 Review.

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