Little Candles

Maryam Qureshi

Once upon a dark night, amidst a dreadful thunderstorm,
she had a pack of delicate little candles.
Although the night was scary,
her heart was trembling with fear yet she had
those candles to rely upon in that world of wilderness.
It was on her sixth birthday, her father gave her a pack
of little candles that were not like the ordinary candles
but they had something magical about them. They were
pure, virgin and white as snow. But the most important
thing about them was that they were dripless, smokeless
and used to emit a beautiful fragrance while burning.
When she unpacked her gift, she was very excited and
happy. Her father said to her,
“I’m giving you a pack of lovely candles and a little advice
as well, these candles are like tiny deeds of kindness that
eliminate the darkness of this weary world. Whenever you feel
alone, unhappy and sad they will fill your heart with joy, satisfaction
and a feeling of being protected with their bright flames and
beautiful fragrance. And whenever you feel alone your good
deeds will live with you like a company of great companions.
It was her twelfth birthday but the first one after the death of his father.
She was alone and scary, hopeless and helpless. Then she opened
her old closet, unpacked that pack of little candles. She burned them
one after the other. Their vibrant flames filled the room with a light
of hope, joy and beauty. She closed her eyes memorizing every act
of kindness that she ever did. The candles kept on burning filling up
her heart with love and glorification.

“How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
( William Shakespeare).

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