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Who of us didn’t grab a pen and paper on New Year’s Eve and started writing a long list of the things they’d like to accomplish in 2019? Most of us did, and probably would for the next year and the one after that. Easier written than done though! It is in our human nature to get excited about fresh starts; we all want to improve whether on a personal, educational or professional level. Despite the time and effort we put on that list, we are usually disappointed that only few things have made their way into reality, if any at all. According to studies, only 8% of people manage to keep up with their yearly resolutions. This is probably because 365 days isn’t a short period, and throughout that time we tend to falter, get bored or simply become distracted by that roller-coaster we call “life”. How can we avoid that? Here are 11 steps to help you stick to your 2020 resolutions.

  • Set clear goals:

Ambiguity in writing your goals won’t do you any good. Brainstorming is great, but not for this list! Don’t just write random ideas on a crumbled piece of paper. You’ll have to be crystal clear about what you want to achieve. “I want to succeed” isn’t a goal! Be more precise as in: What’s the field I’d like to succeed in? Is it School? Career? Or do I want to succeed as a parent? Bear in mind, your list should include answers to questions like: what, why, how and when? If you haven’t done this, burn that list and write a new one!

  • Make it your passion, COMMIT:

Commitment isn’t easy. Nine people out of ten are either afraid to commit or simply bored by it.  Those people usually miss out on almost all the chances life has to offer. Loving what you do is a key that will always help you commit and most importantly, it will help you stay committed! Be passionate about whatever you have at hand. Going to school or waking up early to go to work might not be the most entertaining thing to do, but if you learn to love it you learn to make the best out of it.  

  • Why do you want to achieve it?

You would often hear people saying “I want to become Rich that’s why I want to start a business.” You might think that this is not enough reason to start an establishment. I’d agree it’s shallow, however; this mere reason could encourage a driving will that will eventually make it happen. Most rich people today have despised the poor life they once led in the past, they’ve put becoming rich between their eyes and eventually made it to the peak! The point is: make sure you always have reasons for the goals you set! Indulge yourself in it, body and soul.

  • Set deadlines:

In spite of the fact that this whole list has to be achieved by the end of 2020, setting a long- term goal will allow you to keep on postponing things and before you know it, its 2021! Here is why deadlines are so important. Set deadlines according to goals, smaller goals take shorter time. Set a month or two for every goal. You are launching a business? Make sure the launching of the project doesn’t take more than 4 or 5 months, so by the time the year ends, you’ve got something solid to lean on. Obviously, not all goals are material things; some are more on the personal level. How do you set a goal for changing a habit or maintaining one? This is even easier! Set a number of days for that commitment, say you take a month to become an extrovert and take it from there forward!

  • Believe in yourself:

When you love someone you put all your effort to ensure that they succeed and meet their goals at a certain point in life. You push them forward, believe in them and show them through affection that there are no limits of what they are capable of. Just in the same way, learn to love yourself and believe in that person who lives inside you, don’t beat “you”  down, instead; raise yourself up so high to the point  where even the sky fails to be the limit!

  • Don’t lose hope:

It’s only well known that some goals are very hard and are often faced by obstacles. There will be time when you are stuck and can no longer take it to the second level. You’ll end up feeling like a big loser who is meant to live backwards while the whole world rushes forward. When this happens I am telling you DON’T LOSE HOPE JUST YET! Take a break for a day or two, relax your mind, update your list, improve your mechanism and start over.

  • Be patient:

Before you start, you’ll have to understand that things don’t happen overnight. If you want to accomplish something worthwhile you’ll have to work for it patiently. Rushing things won’t give you adequate results. Remember, the things that you’d want to last won’t come fast and the things that come fast probably won’t last.

  • Reward yourself:

Learn to treat yourself after achieving something. It has always been in you to spend money on non- sense and this year things will be different! You’ve gone a great deal of 3 months without buying anything you didn’t need? Go down to that shop at the far end of the street and buy yourself something fancy, you’ve earned it! Pamper yourself when necessary, waiting for that little treat will leave you looking forward to achieving more and more.

  • Include others in your activities and plans:

Discussing your goals with someone is highly recommended. As you talk about your goals, you’ll start falling in love with them a little more every day. Also, it would help you digest them more and find more ways to achieve them. It doesn’t really matter who that might be, whether an experienced PHD holder or simply your illiterate grandmother! The advice they could provide may help you overcome an obstacle or simply get their sooner than you expect! But be careful, don’t go around seeking advice from everyone, you will only confuse yourself, or worse; have your ideas stolen!

  • Ignore negative people:

Turn a deaf ear to all the haters who try to put you down. Many – but not all – people will try to dissuade you from achieving a certain goal simply by telling you they’ve been there and couldn’t make it or that it takes too much energy and not as much profit. Hear this from me, just because someone failed to do something doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Every human being has different capabilities and that is what is hard for others may be a piece of cake for you. Don’t let others judgment affect your own, and remember people want you to do good but never better than them!

  • Surround yourself with successful people:

You are a reflection of the people around you. If you surround yourself with successful people you become one of them. Not only do they help lift you to their level, but also it gives you a chance to feed on their experiences which, needless to say; help you enlarge your horizons and become a better version of who already are.Our circumstances and back grounds may have affected our past, but they have no control over our future. It’s hard to go back and make a new beginnings but we can always work hard to make a new ending. If things weren’t going smoothly so far, it’s never too late. Update your list and start again, start new, start strong!

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