She We Spoke of

K’Chumba Arap

Of the tales spoken
She was a heroine
Of our time and the future
To be listened to when she spoke
But then who was she?
She a daughter, daughter of our lowland
Sired and raised in our years, years of the olden days
She a daughter given beauty and a name
A name that through all ridges
Was heard, shouted, acclaimed and sang praises off
She of a name we recalled
As we narrated the tales of success
To our next generation!

Then who was she?
A few asked, others chuckled  and others murmured
She came like her name
Bathed in the warmness of heart
Loved for her ways were admired
And the few who spoke of her paths
Their palms were oiled, greased in stickiness
We were left asking,
Is she real?
Or just another angel of our time
What then did she posse?
A charming heart and smile
Of beauty and splendour
With an unyielding obsession to riches
Dining with kings, dining in royalty
And in her dining time
She made sure the world witnessed it

And she did the unthinkable
She did the un talked about
Facial, her body colourised
Her texture vaporised the lightness of the world
She began to shine, shining in darkness
You needed no  light to light your way
She was the light
Lighter of the inner ways
Ways, admired in the social world
Her chest grew over night,
Her hilly back, mountainously  enlarged
All in one night, all in one night
And at least, others spoke
She would be shaking what her mama gave her

The overnight change scared many
Our daughters wished to be like her
She had turned into a role model
An inspiration for the future generation
A name and beauty given in wholesomeness
Lacked by others who admired her endowment
And we could speak but not end the tales
And slowly, the beauty began to fade
Her skin oxidised itself
Spots all over,
She turned of a leopard print
The same narrators of her tales spoke
Her mistakes should not be used against her
She is a woman
Men, stop your chauvinism
Women are being targeted, demeaned
This is bullying, stop it!

But again we asked ourselves
Was it our fault? Were we nature?
Ooh listeners of our fathers
Come to our rescue and answer our cries
We are being instigated
And our cries fell into deaf ears
Our tongues failed to move in defense
We chuckled in shame
And hid our faces between our legs!

K’Chumba Arap is a teacher of Literature. A poet and a true believer of what humanity holds in our hearts. Retelling the tales of the past to the future is what keeps him writing. He has also performed in Poetry Slam Kenya, 2019.

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