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Apart from the hatred and terrors that the world is currently experiencing, we hope The Elixir would be the peaceful world that brings all nations and religions together. Get to know our Team, who working together, have made The Elixir dream find its way into reality.

Esra’ AlNaggar
Founder & Editor In Chief

Esra’ AlNaggar is a 25-year-old English graduate from the Faculty of Languages, Sana’a University. She was born and raised in Yemen and has been living there for the last 25 years of her life. She was an intern at National Yemen Newspaper and then later volunteered at the media center of GDRSC. Besides The Elixir, Esra’ works as a freelance writer for The New Arab Newspaper. Her all time favorite book is Oprah’s What I Know For Sure, and some of her favorite authors include Barbara Taylor Bradford, Ken Follett and Sidney Sheldon. She is in love with Karak tea, doughnuts, pearls, cats and a good book. She hopes to one day be able to view The Oprah Magazine, Reader’s Digest and Vogue as rivals rather than idols. Find Esra’ on Twitter @EsraNajjar

Maryam Qureshi
Adviser, Poetry Editor & Columnist

Maryam Qureshi holds an MA in English Literature and Linguistics. She is a poet and writer her work has appeared in several journals published by Profilic Press Inc. (Publishing house in USA).

David Estringel
Co- Poetry Editor & Writer

David Estringel is an avid reader, poet, and writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, & essays. His work has been accepted and/or published by Specter MagazineLiterary JuiceFoliate Oak MagazineTerror House MagazineExpat Press50 HaikuslittledeathlitDown in the DirtMagazineRoute 7 ReviewSetu Bilingual JournalPaper Trains Literary JournalThe Elixir MagazineSoft CartelHarbinger AsylumBriars LitOpen Arts Forum,Cajun Mutt PressFormer People JournalThe Ugly WritersWrit in DustCephalopressTwist in TimeMerak MagazineSalt Water SoulCherry House PressSubterranean Blue PoetryPrinted WordsSunflower SutrasTulip Tree PublishingSaltPPP EzineDigging through the FatHaiku Journal, and The Good Men Project. He is currently a Contributing Editor (fiction) at Red Fez, Lead Editor/columnist at The Good Men Project, and an editor/writer at The Elixir Magazine. David can be found on Twitter (@The_Booky_Man) and his website at

Anthony Wolf

Antonino “Anthony Wolf” Lupo is a writer based in London. Born and raised in Italy, he moved to the United Kingdom in his twenties, to pursue his dream of a creative career to employ his writing skills. He is an avid reader and a passionate gamer – but only when it serves the plot. When he is not killing a wayward character, you can occasionally find him babbling on the Internet about the “art of video games”. He has been published by several publications online, including The Elixir Magazine.He is currently enrolled in a Creative Writing & Publishing MA at City, University of London.

Tabitha Potts

Tabitha Potts is a writer living in East London, which inspires much of her work. She has had several short stories published in print and online and was recently long-listed for the Royal Academy Pin Drop Short Story Award. She loves reading books, art and kickboxing. Read her stories at or stay in touch via twitter @tabithapotts or Instagram

Carla Delgado

Carla Delgado is a freelance writer and theatre practitioner. She has a penchant for getting lost in the stories she finds in between the pages of a book or theater acts. As a recent Communication Arts graduate, she is trying her best to chase after her many interests in life. Professional theatre credits include Kinky Boots (2017), Side Show (2018), and Waitress (2018), all under Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group. Her written works have been published in Manila Today, Alike Media Inc., April Magazine, and The Elixir Magazine.

Casey Austin Williams
Writer & Editor

Casey Austin Williams is currently in her third year of studies at Concordia University. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Casey studies Honors English Literature and minors in Theological Studies. Her interests span Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern periods of literature and theological studies, with particular enthusiasm for the Carnivalesque and the vice-virtue dichotomy. She is currently published both in an academic and creative capacity in LUCC Proceedings 2018, ASFA Journal Volume 3, Umbel & Panicle, and proudly a contributor and editor of Elixir Magazine.

Suhail AlHamady

“A gentle breeze wondering in silence through the whispers of calm January midnights and a remedy to ease suffer through pokes of fun, laughter, and subtle wisdom” -Can I say it more clearly?! You, yes my dear beloved traveler in the lands of our much coveted Elixir of life, are invited to a discourse of this lost soul of a writer disposed to keep you chilling and Netreading ,pretty exciting , right? “Wink, wink” . Warning, this writer is extremely hilarious and charm witting ,be aware! -You might be in the roller coaster of your life- Here we will indulge in the pleasure of a civil conversation that suits your mind, heart, and spirit. An adventure lies beyond the horizon,do you have what it takes??

Madeleine Corley
Writer & Poet

Madeleine Corley (she/her) is
a poet and writer by internal monologue. She currently resides in
Dublin, Ireland. The first of three films she would willingly
end up stranded on an island with is Roman Holiday. When she isn’t galavanting the
local sights on public transit, Madeleine serves as the Poetry Co-
Editor of Barren Magazine. She was born
in Sonoma County, California, but also affectionately
names Columbus, Ohio, and Marietta, Georgia, her home. The second film she’d
effectively watch forever is Shrek 2, and she knows this is

contentious. Some of her favorite poets include Ilya Kaminsky, Kaveh Akbar, Mary
Oliver, Danez Smith, Chen Chen, Maggie Smith, and Ada Limón. She
regretfully cannot include them all, there are so many
lovely poets. The third film would be Monty Python and the Holy Grail or their
entire discography. She adores acrostics.
You can find Madeleine at her website,, & @madelinksi on Twitter.

Sara AlMahbashi

Sara AlMahbshi is a Political Science and History graduate from the American University of Cairo, and is now looking forward to pursuing her master’s degree in public policy and/or global affairs. She shows great interest and is intrigued by Gender studies, women rights, philosophy as well as photography. Sara is also a writer who is constantly suffering from writer’s block. Aren’t we all though? Despite that misfortune she managed to write for AUC times and Governance and Peace-Building Research Center, as well as the endless class submissions.

Layal AlEryani

If you want to know me
my name won’t do,
for I carry a lot more
than the words delivered to you.

A girl from Yemen who loves to write,
emits words in many ways.. yet hates reading.
Layal is the name you seek,
I’ve been alive for 9125 days.. and counting.

I’m a work-doer by day,
and a binge-watcher by night.
I’m an artist 24/7,
and creativity is my height.

I’m an athlete in imagination,
my limits do not exist,
I don’t like scary things
yet sky-diving is on my bucket-list.

I seek humble souls
although I boast a little,
I’m a hopeless romantic
but my heart can also be brittle.

I love furry and beautiful animals,
I don’t like what we do to Earth.
Random conversations are my thing,
I’m also a quiet person since birth.

I know I’m contradictory and
I know you’re confused now.
I still don’t know how to understand myself,
and neither will you know how!

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  1. I have tried on many occasions to submit to your publication. Your submission form keeps rejecting me no matter what I do. Why is it so difficult? Is there any way to send my work directly. I am a serious poet and need some help to send my work to you.

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