Sorrows In My Heart

Ogu Chukwuebuka Kizito

That night I had awoken with a sad hollow feeling. That feeling that creeps into your soul and takes away any atom of joy in your life. It was in the middle of the night. It was going to be a long night I reasoned. In the nights of late, tears seemed to take away this sorrow in my heart. When the tears fell like a waterfall, all I craved for at such moments was someone to hold me, but who do I have in this world? No one but myself.

Like a man in the wilderness, like a child who seeks for attention from his
guardian, like a man stuck in a hole, who shouts seeking for help, as he watched people pass him without any help. In a populated world where there are billions of souls walking the earth, yet here I am alone in my world, with the problems of my life. With no one to share in my sorrow. Just a kind soothing word will definitely do the trick, but who would give me this healing I desperately needed tonight?

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