Make up Dos and Donts

Curated by Esra’ AlNaggar

Noura Muthana
Certified Make-up Artist

“Every women should look beautiful that is what I strongly believe and that is what made me start my make up journey three years ago. As a child, I was fascinated by art and make- up and how it can you give you confidence Our job as make- up artists is not to change your features, but simply to highlight them.”


1.Moisturize your face before applying any form of cosmetics, it makes the process of making makeup fun and easy and gives no chance for creases to accumulate.

2. Use fix plus before wearing makeup, few sprays all over your face not only helps bind all the products together, but it also helps keep the dewy/glowing look.

3. Apply loose powder after you put your concealer, this helps your make up last longer.

4. In choosing your foundation go one shade lighter or one shade darker than your skin tone, if you use the same shade of your skin, chances are your colour will turn grey!

5. To get an attractive and dense eye look, make sure you use eye primer before applying eye shadow.

6. Mix some liquid highlighter with the foundation for a vibrant – shiny look!

7. Puff some powder on your lashes before applying the mascara for puffy eyelashes.


1. Moderate the foundation application on your face to avoid a caked look. And always remember in make up less is always more!

2.Never use concealer in place of the eye prime, the concealer is oily and so the eye shadow will be messy and will not last.

3. Do not smile as you apply the blusher, you have a nice smile but its certainly not the time to show it.

4. Do not apply highlighter on places where you have pores for it will only highlight them, naturally!

5. When applying eye shadow do not start with the dark colours, start with lighter ones in order to have a clean overall eye look.

6. Do not darken your eyebrows too much, your eyebrow liner must be a shade lighter!

7. Never sleep with your make up on. Sleeping with your make up on could seriously damage your skin.

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