Le Conte

Dana AlNajjar

In our middle school walks,
I procrastinated our talks
I used all the power in my brain,
And it wasn’t enough
to promote me to your palace
I lost the colors in my roads
Long time ago
And I still remember the old days
When you used to create rainbows
To brighten my way,
A gemini woman you were With an exquisite brilliant brain
And today I talk to my reflection and say That I’m satisfied with the dark
that I have been left in,
I know how hard this world could seem,
When once you hold a candle,
Everyone plans how to blow off the flame
Sadly they succeeded in blowing u off
But what they couldn’t do till this day was
Extracting your scent
That has always

stayed within
A le conte candle you were.

Photo by Dana AlNajjar.

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