The Warmth of Summer Trapped in the Coldness of Christmas: A Glimpse of that City from Afar

Sheryl Anne S. Lugtu

City lights shinning from afar, captured the heart of this little girl, Id, inside of me. I wanted to go out of this haven, a fancy hotel room that could be occupied by four people, but the chilling air and my annoying cough prevents me from doing so. From afar, the lights were like the tiny light bulbs of a Christmas tree, not to mention the Pine trees everywhere. This coldness reminds me of that December morning when my momma and I are walking at the crowded streets of the Session Road, struggling from the cold, while looking for a bakery to buy hot pandesal. This nostalgic moment warms my cold heart… a precious gift of time that will never happen again.

As I went back to the Session Road this morning, I wondered what those 7 years did to this memorable place. Civilization did both a great and a horrible job in the place. I yearned for the simplicity and naivety of the place that I love but the bustle of the city and the traffic tore my dream into pieces.

I closed the drapes that covers the window just like how I closed my memories of Baguio. I don’t want to change my perspective of the place. I wanted to keep it that way. That is why, I am here, lying so still… Still I dreamt of the Baguio that I have longed for 7 years.

Sheryl Anne S. Lugtu, LPT is a writer, journalist and a Literature teacher at the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta-Molino Campus.

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