The Rights of Monkeys

John Homan

What gives me the right to speak truth?
Should only winners speak?
TED talkers with gelled hair,
their PowerPoint screens expressing cleverness.

My life in disarray.
Repeating bonehead moves.
A sock drawer not meeting your standards.

But a hopeful vision came to me,
the Spirit of Truth hovering over the waters,
tohu and bohu,
a most elegant mess.
Upside down, inside out,
God’s best expressed in mediocre vessels.

An accountant plays of Für Elise on the cello.
A line drive snatched out of the air by the kid chosen last.
Poetry by the kid who flunked grammar.
Love shown best through those least worth.

Monkeys typing Shakespeare,
foolish things confound the wise.
truth, love and justice thriving in the wasteland
outside the fortified walls of Gotham,
tarnished brass playing the sweetest song of all…

Lest the monkeys have no way to irritate the impressive.

John Homan is a poet and percussionist from Bend, Oregon. He is a graduate of Indiana University. His work has appeared in Chiron Review, Mojave Heart Review, Pulp Poetry Press and among others. He is the founder and coordinator of WordPlay Open Mic Night in Elkhart, Indiana where he lives with his wife and two cats.

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