Just Another Day

David Estringel

It’s been a week  
since you left  
and tore a hole 
in my atmosphere, 
letting in  
the gamma rays,  
the end of days: 
all in a haze 
of tears and  
holographic “I’m sorries.” 

Was it you?
Was it me 
that left  
For a new love to find? 
To be cruel to be kind? 
Escaping a bind 
that catches the skin 
like fingers of crushed glass. 

I find myself, 
standing outside 
the home we made, 
wishing these arms—those walls— 
could hold you, again. 
A chance to feel– 
a moment to steal–  
but our fate is sealed 
with all being said  
and done. 

If only  
I could evaporate  
into the clouds 
of that noon sky 
and rain down 
without a care 
far, far away 
from here. 

David Estringel is an avid reader and poet. Writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, & essays. His work has been accepted and/or published by Specter Magazine, Literary Juice, Foliate Oak Magazine, Indiana Review, Terror House Magazine, Expat Press, 50 Haikus, littledeathlit, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Route 7, and The Good Men Project. He is currently a Contributing Editor (fiction) at Red Fez and editor/weekly columnist at The Good Men Project. David Estringel can be found on Twitter (@The_Booky_Man).

From Indelible Fingerprints, originally published by Cajun Mutt Press

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