I am Womb

I am Womb
Attracta Fahy

I, not a goddess, nor am I a repressed perfect mother,
warm, cold for your perception, command.
I am at the helm of myself now, my clay
steers this ship, my love a sand drift, millions of grains,
heart a cavernous wave.
I swallow the ebb, flow of myself. I am
womb, your terror, the white foam mouth
you fear, virgin goddess a cold plasterboard
picture you adore, dare to defile,
as you lust for a life raging with passion,
in a woman singing her seas.

Attracta Fahy’s background is Nursing/Social Care. She works as a Psychotherapist, lives in Co.Galway, and has three children. She completed her MA in Writing NUIG in 2017, and participates in Over The Edge poetry workshops. Her poems have been published in Banshee, Poetry Ireland Review, The Blue Nib, Poethead, Orbis, Honest Ulsterman, and several other journals, and magazines. She has been included in The Blue Nib Anthology, shortlisted for 2018 Over The Edge New Writer of The Year, and is a Blue Nib nominee for Pushcart. She was one of the winners in the Pamphlet series competition with Hedgehog Poetry Press, and will have her first collection published in 2019.

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