Pre-school Angels Take their “First Steps” Towards Mother’s Love

Esra’ AlNaggar

They appeared on the stage, the girls with puffy, colorful glittery skirts, the boys with colored t-shirts and blue jeans. Undoubtedly, they were too little to be such organized. They were excited to begin and we were too! We were about to escape the rigidness of the materialistic world to indulge in the world of innocence!

In an event different from those like it, First Steps School hosted a Mother’s Day festival on 21st, 2019 and in the grounds of the place that little children – aged 2-5 –started to call home.  

The event started with Qur’an rehearsal, followed by the National Anthem. Children – now wearing their uniform to perform the National Anthem – started lining up themselves, placing their little hands on their hearts. They sang the National Anthem with so much excitement and love to the homeland they had just come to know. Their early patriotism did not fail to ignite the country-love that we as adults often forget to feel.  Once the National Anthem was over, children of different ages – starting with Nursery (YES! 2-year- olds too, could dance and sing in harmony), Reception, and KG sang beautiful songs directed to their mothers. Mothers got emotional as they watched their children, who could barely speak fluently, singing with much eagerness and confidence, “Pride filled me as I watched my little gorgeous boy, singing and dancing, looking at me as if he is saying ‘this is for you mommy’. Thanks to First Steps, they have given us a day we shall always remember,” said Kenan’s mother.

Children Performing the National Anthem

The little angels took different turns in singing – both in English and Arabic Language. Once the performance was over, each child was handed a gift, a plate with their tiny hand printed on it – and was instructed it to give it to his/her mother.  The purpose of the gift was to plant the seeds of gratitude in children and teach them how to express it.  Each family then was given a chance to take a “Happy Family Photo” to solidify the memory of such a special day.

Kenan Holding Mommy’s Gift

“The main goal of the event was to teach our children how to celebrate their mothers and how to combat the stage fright! I was overwhelmed with parents’ cheering and interaction with their toddlers. It was not like a school, it was more like a big family celebrating mother’s day!”

Amira AlSenafi – Principal of First Steps

It was very clear that the administration – and teaching staff had worked hard to produce the result displayed on stage, after all how would you train a 2 year old to jump and clap following their cues? Our curiosity led us to ask Miss Nada Al- Dahebi – one of the teachers who helped make the festival a success – for more details. : “The preparations have been going on for a long while. For two months, we prepared the kids that there will be a celebration where we will sing for Mama and give her presents. There were daily rehearsals and fitting sessions, the thing that made students more excited and attached to the activity. From admin to teachers and finally our little students, we all worked as a beehive! And what you saw today was the result of all that draining, yet rewarding work!”

It is parent-child time!  First Steps made sure the children had a chance to spend more time with their parents performing fun activities and so the second yard was set with different coloring and painting activities, let the real fun begin!

It was a joy, watching children with their fancy outfits singing and dancing, but watching their parents, peering at their toddlers, beaming with so much pride was a total different story. This party was indeed hosted by those children who could barely talk meaningfully,  yet managed to steal our hearts and souls and forced us to spare our attention during all their performances, they alone, were the stars of First Steps.

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