Once Upon a Taurus

Esra’ AlNaggar

Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Quality: Fixed
Color: Green
Greatest Compatibility:
Period Range: April 20 – May 21

They make good finance managers and have an eye for everything that is beautiful. The bull with all its force, though slow;  does not stop at anything! Once they put their minds on something, they known no obstacles, they do not focus on the 100 reasons why it would not work but on the one reason why it would! 


The constellation of the Taurus zodiac sign is located in the Northern Hemisphere. Taurus is a Latin word which means “The Bull”, a name that reflects the Taurus characteristic of hard work and determination.  Taurus is the second of zodiac signs and the oldest of constellations dating back to at least the Early Bronze Age.

The Taurus Man


A Taurus man is not someone who stays in the shadows, one of his ultimate desires is to shine and build a name for himself. They are determined to succeed no matter the obstacles. With such determination they find success, but never brag about it. They allow their lifestyles to speak for them. They like to accompany the rich and prosperous as they believe it to be a strong motive for them to work even harder. They are good financiers,as money and stability play a crucial role in building the character of a Taurus man. Securing a good future for themselves and the people they love is their number one priority.

A Taurus man holds a strong grip on the things he owns. His possessive character makes dealing with him challenging. He enjoys routine, and prefers it to starting a whole new adventure that requires change.

Taurus men are generally tender, generous and devoted. Yet, they can be harsh, indifferent and unmovable at times.They are shy and rarely express themselves, and if they do, they tend to overthink every word they voice. They are humorous, and fun to be around. They are also very stubborn, always sticking to their opinions and never acting against their will.


If your man bears the Taurus sign, you are very lucky. For a Taurus man, family is everything.  He loves his children and provides them with all the comforts that ensure their success. They are very protective of their family and enjoy helping with household matters. When bringing up their children, Taurus fathers are very conservative, and it is important to them that their children follow their steps. To a Taurus man, all family celebrations are of great significance. They enjoy planning gatherings and would easily cancel any work commitment for the sake of the people waiting at home. 


A Taurus man is always torn between his traditional values and his natural desires. They lack the initiative and would expect if their partner would make the first step. If they have to do it, they will need to run a long analysis of the situation and the person in front of them.  When it is time for expressing emotions, a Taurus man gets a panic attack! If a secure relationship is achieved, a Taurus man is tender, patient and caring. They however; play the role of the spoilt kid in a relationship. They like being pampered and have things set up for them. A Taurus man enjoys being on the move, if he is forced to stay at home he gets bored of himself and gradually, loses interest in his partner as well.


Taurus men are workaholics! Born to the sun, they are just as sunny and bright and like to bury themselves in good work. They are dependable and dedicated, and with their cooperative spirit you would love to have them on your team. If you have an urging deadline, a Taurus is all that you need. They might take time though and a little bit of goading, but by the deadline, your work is ready and waiting. If your boss is a Taurus you are lucky too! They tend to create a comfortable informal atmosphere with an air of profession in it. They on the other hand, are very impatient , annoy Taureans at your own risk, and watch them unleash their full force.

George Clooney
Actor, filmmaker and businessman
Born on May 6, 1961
Taurus Man

The Taurus Woman


Just like Venus, a Taurus woman is the symbol of affection and feminism. She is very sweet-natured and has a big heart. She is spontaneous and when around her, you cannot help but feel at ease.

A Taurus woman is very smart with money. She is the best at distributing her funds and managing her accounts. Just like a Taurus man, a Taurus woman would give anything for a good salary. A Taureane excels at controlling her emotions as well. In her battle with stress, she is the conqueror. She would never break under pressure, but rather find many other ways to deal with it. She hates sympathy whether it comes from herself or the people around her.

A Taurus woman is also very independent. She likes to take care of herself and prefers things done her way. Taking a Taureane independence away from her is more like a death sentence.

Apart from her amiable character, a Taurus woman displays a very hot temper. She is susceptible to attack once she is pushed to her limit. She is also persistent and at times very stubborn. With her life motto being “my way or the highway”, a Taurus woman always gets her way!


A Taurus mother expects full obedience from her toddlers. She despises laziness and she disciplines them accordingly. She is very possessive and whatever beliefs and traditions she has will have to be imposed on her children. She is over-protective and sentimental, yet very practical when she needs to be. A Taurus mother is her children’s best friend, one they can always count on. She gives them regular advice and will pour in them her own strength and sense of creativity. A Taurus mother is very loyal to her family, yet she might occasionally put her needs first to suit her purpose.


Ruled by Venus, this zodiac sign is considered the most feminine and tender of signs. A Taureane is very spontaneous and real when she is in love. She does not like pretending to be someone else to suit her partner’s wishes.  She is always willing to go that extra mile, giving bits of herself in the process. At the beginning of a relationship, a Taurus woman is apprehensive. She takes her time in examining her partner and once trust is built, she opens up like a rose.  A Taurus woman is constantly afraid of being hurt, she needs all the love and attention for her fears to be calmed.  


A Taurus woman has a special passion for money. She will take all that extra work to ensure a secure money flow and therefore a prosperous future. In the work place, the Taurus woman can easily be dependable as she succeeds in whatever task she is given. She would stay in one job for a long time until she gets the result she aspired and gains the recognition she needs. Not a natural leader but once in that position, a Taureane is very strict and professional. She sets really high goals and expects her employees to live up to them. With her creative eye, she would not accept anything less than “creative”, and that would depend of course, on her own definition of creativity. Just like her family, a Taurus woman would not tolerate disobedience, she cherishes her rules and regulation and once they are broken she is not very forgiving. Taurus women take generous care of their juniors though, always wanting to bring out the best in them.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Singer and songwriter
Born on May 5, 1988 
Taurus Woman

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