Me, myself and the kids: The concept of WINNING

Deena AlNaggar

There is always that talk about the fact that winning is not everything and what really matters is ‘character’, ‘attitude’, ‘positivity’, blah, blah, blah. Yet such a point of view does not seem to be that common in reality. People still prefer to win. People still strive for the ‘first position’, simply because we all grew up in a world that rewards ‘position holders’ – a world that believes only a  ‘full marks’ owner deserves a sticker. Why lie about that? I am one of them!

But today, I learnt a lesson as I had the privilege to experience the fact that winning is not always what really matters. And because I love ‘practical’ lessons in life – I have to admit that no matter how much experience one has, one still learns.

Today, we lost the competition but we gained the respect, attention and awe of everybody present.

Today, I discovered that I – as a teacher – have little jewels that sparkle and shine in every possible colour to brighten my long and tiring morning.

Today, I discovered that winning is not everything, because even though they lost, the moral of their little souls continued to be high and positive, a fact that charged the whole atmosphere.

Today, I learnt that winning is what everybody expects of you, yet love and warmth is what remains with you at the end of the day, along with an unforgettable smile.

Today, I learnt that I cannot be prouder or happier to have such little jewels who stepped, for the first time, outside their school premises. They stepped outside the protective walls and experienced the thrill and excitement of waiting for the answer to be announced on the screen, only to release the breath they were holding too long – out of relief.

Today, my students taught me that what matters is being together. They taught me that team-work is an essential part for us human beings to co-exist on this planet.

They taught me that a smile helps you win every possible competition and every impossible challenge.

They taught me that everybody deserves a ‘sticker’ for effort and hard-work – even for a smile!

Today, my faith in a brighter tomorrow is restored because if my students are looking forwards to next year’s competition eagerly, then I also should look forwards to next year’s promises and blessings…and finally, according to one of my little jewels, ‘It’s O.K that we lost, but we enjoyed the experience!’

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