In this Shack A Cold Wind Blows

In this Shack A Cold Wind Blows
Robert Okaji

In this shack a cold wind blows,
shuffling papers and ideas before settling

on the floor. Leaves rustling. Tea,
cooling. You recall the peace of near

death, fear circling the drain,
giving in to breath, labored but certain,

one exiting another and again,
then laughing at the improbability: you

are nothing. You were nothing.
Nothing will come of you. You say

yesterday, and think tomorrow. Today.

Robert Okaji is a half- Japanese poet living in Texas. The author of five chapbooks, most recently I Have a Bird to Whistle: 7 Palinodes (Luminous Press, 2019), his work has appeared or is forthcoming in Vox Pupuli, Riggwelter, Kissing Dynamite, North Dakota Quarterly and elsewhere.