Once upon a star: Crustalusious Crustasean

Suhail AlHamady

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Color: White
Greatest compatibility: Taurus, Virgo
Period range: June 21 – July 22


The first time I knew I belonged to the royalty of the Cancer family was when I was trying to find things about my crush’s traits. It was written in classic, un-bolded Italic font, “an emotional catastrophe!” It came to me as a shock. Me? Emotional? Where did that word come from? Funny, looking back to your youth and full of it’s never-ending rush of “nobody knows better than me” attitude. As I grew older, I fell in love with this “hell of a rollercoaster of a zodiac sign.” It was full of contradictions, yet completely magical. Cancer!

Late Princess Diana of Wales
Born on July 1, 1961
Cancer Woman

The Emotional Tornado

Cancerians are hyper, little sensitive creatures. Imagine going through a frenzy, then multiply that 10 times. Woohoo! A heck of an energy drink! You get to nip multiple, palate-tingling and savory tidbits of feelings and emotions in matter of seconds. Some would say that the correct label would be “schizophrenic”. When we come into an abstract definition of life, however, it would be nothing but an art gallery of various canvases, painted with emotions. The ability to express those sides that are naturally and instinctively honest and spontaneous is purely human. Can we say then, an extra edge in the emotions department makes a Cancerian more human? Crazier? Perhaps, a wee bit!

Mastery of Detection Skills

Congratulations! If you have a membership to the elite Cancer’s Club, then you, my friend, are a natural born detective. Those subtle, unnoticed changes are to a Cancerian eyes nothing but clear, unspoiled images that represent a distortion of what is “normal”. In fact, people who belong to this zodiac sign are often known as “human lie detector machines”. It’s like having the superpower of reading peoples’ hearts and minds, like some next level Professor Xavier shit. Cancerians also have social high intelligence. They pick up on “what to dos” and “what not to dos” just by spending few moments with the people around them. Now, tell me that isn’t magic!

Deep, Extra, Edgy Profound Love

Cancerians are real life renditions of giant Valentine’s Day teddy bears. Affection is heightened into endless spaces in the loving hands of a Cancer. Their hearts are just little, cuddly cushions. If you are able to get a Cancer to open-up in a manner contrary to his naturally-protective hard and crusty side, you will have the opportunity to meet a human being capable of spoiling you with unlimited access to an infinite supply of a God-like ability for caring and adoration. They tend to formulate close and almost parental relationships with their loved ones. That’s why they are known for their strong connections with their families. Don’t you want to get on that train?! It’s a tempting ride, indeed.

Vin Diesel
American actor, producer, director and screenwriter
Born on July 18, 1967
Cancer Man

These are all mere glimpses into a larger-than-life zodiac sign. Cancer’s edginess is balanced with their calm, soft, and quiet attitude. The result is a person who is expressive, yet reserved, loving and protective, yet hard to crack.

So, go ahead! Get you a Cancerian. You won’t find them in any pet store near you, but you can see them huddling around the shades, waiting for the right moment to flood those in need of affection.

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