Aditya Shankar

Morning walk.

Indian Mynas
land on the blacktop

from their nests
on air conditioning units,
window ledges,
ill maintained museums,
and bridges.

Their tweets are prayers.
Eyes, books of love.

When they fly,
they make us believe
there is a sky beneath.

When they perch, they
make us imagine a
thriving green tree.

In a nook of their
existence, they are
good old grannies

who brave their
hoarse vocal chords
to sing for us.

Their song is the
sound to cherish

for the one who
waters the root that
cleaves his concrete:

flutters his metal nest,
malleable hate.

Note: The Indian Myna is a bird of the starling family (Sturnidae), native to Asia.


Aditya Shankar is an Indian poet, flash fiction author, and translator. His work has appeared in literary journals of repute and nominated for literary awards, including Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Books: After Seeing (2006), Party Poopers (2014),  and XXL (Dhauli Books, 2018). He lives in Bangalore, India. 

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