Makeup is all fun and games until you have to remove it!

Esra’ AlNaggar

Because we women seek perfection, Egyptians manufactured cosmetics for us! And to that we are forever grateful!

Since the day it saw the light, make up became an essential part of almost every woman’s life. Through its magic, it made us very secure. No freckles. No acne. No wrinkles. Nothing. Besides, you will always look young and healthy; and with the help of concealers, you can cry yourself to sleep and still look great in the morning!

It does not stop here though, new cosmetic scientists have gone that extra mile and makeup can now help you amend your features. With the help of Contouring you are spared the pains and expenses of plastic surgeries.

The process of wearing make-up is a joy in itself, you just place all your fancy palates and brushes, and paint! Yes, things might go wrong and you might end up looking like a clown, but in nine cases out of ten (with practice of course) you end up looking like yourself, just ten times better.


Sounds like a fairy-tale, right? Not all sides are bright though, and at some point, you are done partying, and Cinderella would have to take off her tiara and go back to her older self. As unwilling as you might be, your make up has to be removed. But many of us, unfortunately, take such a matter lightly. Well here is the bad news, cosmetics, despite being wonderful beautifying tools; they are not so skin-friendly.

For those who choose to sleep with their make up on, you are sure to change your mind after reading this!

1) Eye irritation, Infection and Broken Eye Lashes:
When eye make-up (Eye Shadow, eye liner and mascara) is not removed, you wake up with red, puffy eyes! This is simply because the debris accumulated on the lashes all night long have caused an infection. The immune response is triggered, and the eyes try to respond by fighting off this possible inflammation. Result: swollen, red, tired eyes that are not very
attractive. Mascara also rubs on your lashes causing them to become brittle which then causes their breakage.

2) Drying out:
Your skin needs to breath at night. Cleansing your skin before going to bed and moisturizing it with products containing aloe or other natural oils gives it a chance to repair itself. Blocking your face with left over make-up denies your skin such luxury.

3) Chopped lips:
To look pretty in your gloss or lipstick, the surface on which they are put on has to be clear and healthy. To achieve this, make sure your lipstick is completely removed and a heavy moisturizer is applied on your lips before you lie on your bed. Remember, lipstick sucks on moisturizers leaving your lips completely dry and susceptible to chapping!

4) Premature aging:
Sleeping in make- up causes pores-clogging, this exposes the skin to acne, redness and sensitivity, and speeds up the aging process resulting in premature wrinkles. For glower and younger facial skin, dermatologists encourage cleansing your skin by the use of natural (home-made) remedies and priories them to the use of market cleansers, that are – sometimes- thought to be toxic.

Like all internal organs, skin too functions during the night, sleeping with your make up deprives the skin from performing its tasks which in turn deprives you from the glow you deserve!

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