Dana AlNajjar

Let’s talk about yesterday
If that makes you okay
Though I have tried
Before this place, I still see
That with you,
Is my real space

I stand and fall more than the years of my lived age
Yet, you, as usual the perfect choice as my salvage

Its unfair how you rise and bloom
Got me asking are you a caterpillar?
Or a chameleon?
Are you a presenter? Or you only watch,
And clone.

Don’t blame me if I could not make it through the winds,
But I shall stop,
For a prettier view.
I’m sorry friend, for today,
Today I have solved the clue.
“If I don’t put myself first who else would do?”

I promise myself to skip a beautiful ride,
For what pain is there to be endured
I promised that I’ll just make a mere memory and walk,
But I ended up in a mysterious joke!