Yemenis Across the Globe: Mohammed & a renewed hope for Education

I am Mohammed Hamzah Al Anesi, a 27 years old lawyer working for an International Organization in France. After finishing high school in Yemen, I traveled abroad in order to finish my higher education. I have lived and studied in several countries, including, the United Kingdom, Jordan, and France focusing on enriching my academic knowledge in International and European Business Law. I enjoy sports, namely cycling. I do road cycling and often travel between cities using my own bike. I also have a huge passion for music and would love to improve my musical skills and enable myself to translate my sense of art into music.  

What is Your ECHO?

On account of my responsibility towards my home country, I wanted to do something helpful with a long-term impact on the Yemeni society. And that is when the whole idea of the initiative sprung up. Your ECHO is an independent non-profit organization, founded in France in 2018 by a group of dedicated Yemeni individuals residing in various countries around the world. Our organization seeks to empower Yemeni youth in academic and cultural scopes both within and outside Yemen. We hope to create a better future for them, their families, and the entire country as a whole through education and culture.

We endeavor to cooperate and negotiate with local and international donors and organizations. We aim to start and host projects promoting and serving both the academic and cultural sectors in Yemen.

Our First Project: MUFTAH

In recognition of this, ECHO will soon launch ​MUFTAH​; a three years project consisting of three 12 months’ stages offering language courses to Yemeni students facing financial hardship who hope to pursue higher education. The first stage will enroll a group of students on annual English courses in preparation for university applications and university studies.

Working closely with the best providers of English language courses in Yemen, ​Muftah​ will support as many students as possible over the next three years in their pursuit of developing themselves, their skills and capabilities, and preparing them to join universities around the world​. 

The scholarship will cover registration fees, tuition and examination fees, transportation (in certain circumstances) and all stationary for students.

My hope for your ECHO is to fulfill its main goal in helping Yemenis reach their greatest educational potential.  As for my country, it’s a call for Yemenis – living in Yemen – to hold on to each other, not to give up hope, and to use their potential and seize whatever opportunities come their way. As for those living abroad, I hope you keep a connection to your homeland and take effective steps to strengthen that sacred bond.