Untitled Truth

Untitled Truth
Chi Ilochi

Ohh my how the waves of life crash sound and sound
And little by little my voice is gone
Gone in the wind
Gone in the midst
Gone in my sin
Truth being where did I begin in all of this ?
And where do I end in all of this ?
Fighting for a place in this life
A name I can finally call mine
But fear begins to override and question why I even try
Who are you that has had control over me ?
My simple being
My simple freedom
No comparison to thee
Pain this control has brought me
Struggling and searching
I find myself the culprit
Only to find it wasn’t by choice
But result of life’s never ending motion
Protection I call it
Safety I call it
Danger is what it is
One life of unfulfilled fears
What is this I’ve come accustomed to
I am prisoner of my own truth
No warden in sight
No freedom in mind
But in spirit I find glee
And hopefully meaning of all of this
Truth unsheltered
And freedom waiting
On the horizon
In search for me